3. Spanish Immersion Program

3. Spanish Immersion Program


Exclusive Spanish language immersion holidays combine with tailor-made activities, one-to-one lessons and casual conversations.

You will be welcomed into our homes where you will experience life in Spain from real people in real situations. You will speak only Spanish every day and we will help you find the right words in daily conversation. Your course is specifically designed to meet your individual needs for learning Spanish.

We aim to make your trip a perfect combination of learning the language and holiday that allow you to meet new places, new customs, new people and most importantly talk, talk and talk in the target language because the best way to improve your Spanish is talking – and we will talk a lot!


You can choose to stay at a local hotel or our homes. Our homes are open to students for the following options:


Our homes have 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, a living room, dining room and kitchen.


Guests are lodged in either single/double bedrooms with access to the entire flat. We offer a free tea, coffee and biscuits bar and guests are welcome to use our communal fridge.

Whether you’d rather stay in a hotel of your choice or our homes, we can make the necessary arrangements to fully tailor your immersion experience.

Your Stay


Our homes are situated in the suburbs in Malaga and Barcelona, surrounded by mountain, rivers and the beach. You can choose to study with one of us in Barcelona (Marino) or Malaga (Sara). 

Please state your preferred location on the booking form or let us advise you of the most suitable location according to your preferences.


The lessons will consist of a range of all skills (reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and a special focus on speaking) and culture according to your language learning needs.

The tuition is usually in the evenings before dinner, leaving the mornings and afternoons free for activities, visits, excursions, private study or siesta. Before coming to our cities, we will fully assess your level of Spanish and requirements, and plan a programme of study. You will be assessed again at the end of the course to record progress. A full report of lesson content, achievement, and recommendations for future study will be sent to you after the end of the course, as well as your certificate.

The great advantage of this programme is that you live in Spain, so that learning doesn’t stop at the end of the lesson. In every conversation we are helping you to speak Spanish – finding the right words and correcting grammar and pronunciation.


Time spent with our friends and families during meals and evenings is a good opportunity for you to practise your spoken Spanish and to use the language you have studied in the lessons.

You can learn as much during these times as you do in your lessons! It also gives you a unique opportunity to experience and learn about the Spanish culture and way of life.



The table above shows a 4-day immersion course but you can choose from 1 to 7 days. The schedule can be fully customised according to your needs.


If you require a personal airport transfer, we will personally pick you up at no extra cost.

Arrival at our home should be scheduled on a morning/afternoon (9am to 5:30pm) and departure on an evening (5:30pm to 21pm). Transfers can be arranged for flights arriving/departing during these times.

Any flights outside these times will incur an additional charge as we may need to arrange this with one of our highly trusted taxi drivers – the cost will be advised at the time of booking and is dependent upon the distance from the airport to our homes.


We will have breakfast, lunch and dinner together at a bar, restaurant or our homes by ourselves or with our families and friends.


One to Ones are held in the evenings for extra practise and consolidation.


We will arrange visits and excursions to places of interest and you will have free time to spend as you choose. You will be able to practise your Spanish every day in real-life situations with us, local Spanish people, our families and friends. This is the natural way to learn Spanish and to gain confidence in using the language.


At the beginning of the course, we will assess your level of Spanish and requirements, and plan a programme of study. You will be assessed again at the end of the course to record progress. A full report of lesson content, achievement and recommendations for future study will be sent to you after the end of the course, as well as your certificate.

Your excursions

The social programme is built around your needs and wishes so that, whatever your interests, you can fully enjoy your stay. You can choose from a wide range of local excursions and activities including sports (for example golf, yoga, tennis, swimming, walking…), cultural activities such as museums and exhibitions; bowling, cinema, theatre, restaurants and local attractions depending on the location of the course.

Our towns have excellent shopping centres, tourist attractions and traditional restaurants. During the summer there are many special events including music festivals and local carnivals.

We will plan your excursions and trips at the start of the course according to your individual interests. We will accompany you on all of them. You can state on the booking form which activities you would prefer and we can then advise on availability.

Your course is fully inclusive of all costs for local activities and excursions.

Your Travel Insurance

We offer you FREE travel insurance with ?????. Your insurance policy will be issued with your course booking documents. Cover commences as soon as you leave home on the first day and ends when you reach home on the last day of your trip.

The International Student Policy covers:

  • personal injury and medical expenses
  • personal money, passport and documents repatriation
  • course fees
  • cancellation or curtailment charges
  • personal liability
  • personal belongings
  • travel delay, missed departure, delayed or lost personal belongings

To view the travel insurance summary of cover, please visit our website https://www.onetoonespanish. co.uk/booking-info/booking-terms


Starting dateTo be discussed.
Course DurationAt your convenience, from 1 to 7 days immersion
  • Initial assessment test
  • Design of the program and all pedagogical materials
  • Online session before starting the immersion course: introduction, diagnostic, consultancy and assessment
  • 8 hours of communicative skills practice per day
  • 1 extra hour of writing skill practice (optional)
  • All food, all wine, all restaurant meals 
  • A unique excursion programme with on-going professional Spanish immersion teaching and conversation throughout all activities
  • Transfer from/to the airport
  • Accommodation in a local hotel or at your tutor’s
  • Online session after finishing the immersion course: consolidation and advise
  • Comprehensive travel insurance
Not included: 
 Flights and personal expenses
PriceFrom £190 per day, depending on activities and excursions

*Both content and program duration are tailor-made. Please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Your Tutors

From what we love doing (below) we could write a text here explaining what kind of activities each one of us could do with our students in the immersion course.

Marino Guerrero

– winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding 

– summer sports like surfing 

– calisthenics, yoga, meditation and more…

– food and restaurants

– cooking in general and as a pastry chef myself I love making cakes, confectionery, freshly baked pastries, chocolates and petits fours…

Sara Paredes

– Hiking

I love cooking in general and as a pastry chef myself I love making cakes, confectionery, freshly baked pastries, chocolates and petits fours…


This is a course for learners of all levels and ages.*

If you want to learn how to use smart, effective strategies to increase your Spanish fluency, continue your progress even after this course, speak like a native and use Spanish for your success, this course is for you.

Our immersion programm is ideal for:

Shy, Introverted Speakers

Whether you feel shy only in Spanish or if you’re naturally introverted and prefer to think before you speak even in your native language, our course was created with strategies specifically with you in mind. Marino and Sara and her entire OnetoOneSpanish Team are naturally shy and introverted. Their goal is to create a course and friendly environment that supports your learning style. You’ll discover how being introverted can actually help you be an excellent communicator, even in Spanish.

International Professionals

Whether you use Spanish in your career now or you’re waiting for your dream job, if your future success requires Spanish then our course will help you develop the skills you need to communicate naturally and effectively in Spanish.

Life in an Spanish-Speaking Country

If you’ve recently moved to an Spanish-speaking country, but you’re struggling to find your place… it’s difficult to make friends, feel comfortable in the community, speak with your children’s teachers, find a job, and to understand native speakers, we will help you feel more at ease in speaking Spanish and participating in conversations with native speakers.

Spanish Language Teachers

If you’re an Spanish language teacher in your community and you’d like to have more career or teaching opportunities, to deepen your knowledge and skills for your students, or accelerate your own speaking abilities in Spanish, our immersion course is a perfect fit.

*IMPORTANT: Raw beginners will need to take our Online Spanish Course to get the minimum foundation in Spanish this immersion course requires.

The duration of our immersion experience can usually be between 1 and 7 days (for courses of 1 or more weeks, please contact us for details on price and availability).

We believe you need to be 100% certain about your decision to join us.

When you’re choosing a course, we cannot tell you which program is right for you, but we can help you make a good decision.

Here’s how:

There are many programs out there that it can be difficult to know who to trust. The best way to make the right decision for you is to find proof that the program works.

Look for reviews or testimonials that show how the course delivers what it promises.

What makes OnetoOneSpanish unique is:

1. Our success stories. Our students LOVE to share their experience with us and many of them do it in an video review. You can read and listen to their stories here.

2. We’re 100% focused on fluency and confidence-building strategies with speaking practice and feedback. This combination is essential for success.

3. Our students learn to think more easily in Spanish, organise their ideas and find the words they want to use, express what they want, and speak without fear of mistakes or judgment. This is the core focus of OnetoOneSpanish. Through feedback, you get support for accurate grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, but our curriculum is based on your speaking skills so you can communicate with ease.

Our Immersion course was designed to give you exactly what you need: practice in real-life situations and support so you can feel natural when you speak Spanish.

With us you’ll learn to:

  • Give your opinion
  • Make daily conversation
  • Tell stories
  • Share ideas and suggestions
  • Participate in discussions
  • Clarify meaning
  • Ask & answer questions
  • Start conversations
  • Use modern vocabulary
  • Communicate clearly
  • Hear & correct your own mistakes

And much more. You’ll get the full course plan when you reserve your course.

You’ll develop your confidence and fluency in Spanish through:

Activities and excursions:
Two times per day you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with us for personal coaching outdoors. Every activity will focus on a specific topic and offer opportunities to practice plus time to answer your top questions.

Speaking Practice with Feedback:
Throughout course, you’ll face some speaking challenges. For each speaking challenges, you’ll get feedback from us, including corrections and advice for improvement.

Training Worksheets:
We will give you the information you need to prepare for your speaking tasks. You’ll learn advanced grammar and vocabulary plus tips to help you use them when you speak. You can read these worksheets online in the course or you can download them to read from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Do you still feel too shy, too nervous, or too afraid to speak in Spanish? If you answered yes, then this immersion course will help you overcome those feelings and is perfect for your level.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get the practice you really need. You’ll have all the support you need from Marino and Sara and the OnetoOneSpanish Team.

This course is designed to help you exactly where you’re at in the language so you can improve, feel natural, and be confident when you speak.

We live in our own apartments (Marino on his own and Sara with her boyfriend) and our families are located close to our flats so we can join them for lunch o dinner at any time as part of your immersion program.

We recommend that you stay with us for a true immersion experience. However, you may wish to have your own independent accommodation. If required, we can help you find accommodation in a hotel, B&B or guest house conveniently located for public transport. If you are already resident in Barcelona or Malaga and need lessons only we will be delighted to arrange lessons for you – please contact us for information.


Our immersion courses are tailor made to your likes, needs and goals. Once we’ve fully discussed what you need to achieve we can provide you with an exact cost which we are confident will give you a return on your investment.

Any notification of cancellation or alteration to the course must be made in writing by simply sending us an e-mail or a WhatsApp message. If you cancel your booking before the final balance is due (4 weeks before the course starts) you will lose only your deposit.

After this time, the following fees are payable: between 28 and 15 days of the start of the course 80% of the total fees; within 14 days of the start of the course 100% of the total fees. Fees will not be refundable if you arrive late or leave before the end of their course.

We strongly recommend that you check with your travel company to make sure that there is availability BEFORE booking a course. Once we have confirmed availability in writing, you should arrange to pay a 25% course deposit and immediately make your travel arrangements.

If you are booking a course to take place within one month the full amount of the course is payable. Don’t forget to let us know us as soon as possible so we arrange travel insurance at the time you make your travel arrangements in case you have to cancel or another emergency arises.

A deposit of 25% of the total fees should be paid on reserving a course and the remaining 75% no less than four weeks before the start date of the course. We reserve the right to cancel any course that has not been paid.

You can pay online using MasterCard or Visa (credit or debit card).

Once you have paid the course fees we will contact you directly to introduce ourselves, discuss the course content, travel arrangements and anything else which is relevant. 

We offer you FREE travel insurance with ???. Your insurance policy will be issued with your course booking documents. Cover commences as soon as you leave home on the first day and ends when you reach home on the last day of your trip.

Yes, you should make sure you let us know your travel arrangements at least one week before you arrive. You should also contact us to provide details of your flight number including flight arrival and departure time. This will allow us to make plans to expect you. Obviously, we will have made arrangements for collecting you from the appropriate airport terminal.

Please ensure that you bring all relevant study materials with you so that you can discuss these with us.

If you are taking a professional course, you should bring any relevant documents relating to your business as this will assist us in designing a course appropriate to your particular needs. You do not have to bring a dictionary as there are many excellent Apps that are easy to use.

It is always a good idea to bring an electrical adaptor as we use 2 pin plugs in Spain. Also don’t forget to bring sensible clothes including those appropriate for rain. You will be provided with towels and all you need at home so you are not expected to bring your own soap, hair shampoo, etc.

Please follow this link on our website: https://www.immersion.ie/general/terms.html

Have additional questions?

If you have a question not covered, simply complete the quick contact form below or email us at: hola@onetoonespanish.co.uk and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

    We will contact you within one business day.