We teach Spanish - whatever your age,
ability or ambition.

We teach Spanish - whatever your age, ability or ambition.

We teach Spanish - whatever your age, ability or ambition.
One-to-one Intensive Spanish Course

Intensive course for all levels to make rapid progress and makes the most of your time.

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One-to-one Spanish Classes

A personal tutoring service offering one-to-one online Spanish sessions with your own native Spanish tutor.

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Spanish Immersion Program

Private Spanish language immersion holidays combined with tailor-made activities, one-to-one Spanish lessons and casual conversations.

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Who we are

If you want to learn Spanish you have come to the right place. It is all we do. We have turned our knowledge into a step-by-step program that is straightforward and effective. No mystery or secret formula, just proven experience working with some pretty big brands. There is a reason for that – we are good at what we do - just ask our students.

Marino Spanish Tutor

Marino Guerrero

"I founded OnetoOneSpanish, a London-based tutoring company, in 2010. 

My role involves teacher training, promoting, designing and keeping up-to-date on the latest teaching methods and materials. That way, OnetoOneSpanish delivers better immersive content, tools, and experience to engage students and help them succeed."

Sara Hernández

"I help my students overcome fear of speaking the Spanish language.

I will teach you how to express yourserlf in daily conversations and challenging topics using a get-to-the-point language - you will be able to communicate effortlessly and effectively in Spanish! I teach Spanish at OnetoOneSpanish to private individuals, small groups and companies."

Our Method

We’ll take you step-by-step from beginner through to advanced level.

Our first task is to help you learn better, to help you get into the optimal state of mind, so you feel relaxed and natural in casual conversation. No rigid classes or role-play exercises.


Forget the long vocabulary study sheets. We’ll only teach you the relevant information you need and filter out the rest. No hassle. No time and effort wasted on your part.


Our step-by-step program will strengthens and challenges your brain a little more each day to keep your neurons firing and building up your long-term memory. You will never again think you are bad at learning a new language!


Learning a foreign language is a journey and improvement comes in small steps. We’ll provide you with a thorough grounding in the structure of Spanish, taking you step-by-step from beginner through to advanced level.


Not sure where to start?

Our Students

With so many successful students in our courses, we're bound to have a good review or two.
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Christopher Twiss
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Rosie Bonnar
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Sophie Rogers
Julian Worricker Radio & BBC TV presenter, London, UK

I have been having lessons with Marino for about eighteen months. Having started learning Spanish in south America six years ago, I was keen to continue and to improve. But I needed to find a teacher who operated sufficiently flexibly to accommodate my erratic working hours. I was recommended to him by a friend on…

Elena Kivistik Real State Consultant at Ready Flats, Tallinn, Estonia

“If you want to learn Spanish in London, I would highly recommend One-to-One Spanish lessons. Marino is an excellent teacher and has a lot of patience which is definitely needed at times. The lessons are well planned, very fun and informative. I improved Spanish a lot just feel like I wanna study more and more.…

Ed Warrick Assistant Development Director, London, UK

I’ve been learning Spanish with Marino for about four months. From a standing start, thanks to his excellent tuition both in our fun lessons and perfectly pitched homework exercises, I’ve been able to improve from knowing absolutely nothing to being comfortable in reading, writing, listening and speaking Spanish, in a very short space of time.…

Nikita Kolesnikov School Student, Moscow, Russia

Marino is an amazing teacher! Every single bit that he has taught me throughout the last 2 years has stayed in my brain very well. Not only has he improved my knowledge of Spanish words but he has also made me pick up his Catalan accent! He is a great person to talk to about…

Woo Jeong Emily Kim University Student, South Korea

His personalised lessons were indeed very helpful. I took a Spanish course at my university without any previous experience in learning Spanish. I was struggling a lot to get a good result, but in a short period of time, I was able to prepare well enough to get a first on my final exam. Anyone…

Stefano Constantini Consultant at Frontier Economics, Modena, Italy

I had learnt bits and pieces of Spanish over time, just from listening to friends, the TV and the occasional book. However, because of the way in which i had learnt the language, my knowledge of Spanish lacked a proper understanding of its grammatical structure. Marino helped me with this. By tailoring the classes to…



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