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Conversational Spanish



One-to-one Conversational SpanishConversational Spanish

This is a one-to-one tailor-made lesson designed for those who want to get some extra 'talk time'. Conversational lessons will help you to develop your confidence and ability to communicate fluently, accurately, and effectively. The lessons can be taken in addition to other courses you might be doing.

Lessons are normally divided into 3 different parts, and can be modified according to your needs and wishes:

a) Reading:

We will ask you to read an article that is related either to current events, business or something you are interested in. You will read the text aloud and we will correct any pronunciation mistakes, assess your comprehension and build up your vocabulary.

b) Conversation:

In this part, we will discuss the article. During the conversation, we will again correct your grammar and any pronunciation mistakes.

c) Grammar:

We will review the grammar with which you had problems.

Finally, we will always ensure that all your doubts and questions are answered, and you can feel free to bring any additional material that you would like to discuss or work on with us.

Fees & Payment

Fees are in British Pounds Sterling (outside the UK you can pay in your local currency) and include all the materials you will need in lessons, preparation of your lessons, and initial and ongoing assessment of your needs, preferences, and progress.

You may pay in cash after face-to-face lessons, or in advance by bank transfer or PayPal

- See more at: http://www.onetoonespanish.co.uk/SpanishPrivateTuition.htm#sthash.m5sgHvJp.dpuf

Fees are in British Pounds Sterling. You may pay in cash after face-to-face lessons, or in advance by bank transfer or PayPal.





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