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We have several tuition options available depending on your level. In addition, we offer the opportunity to learn more about Spanish culture through our lessons, with a broad range of material with which to develop knowledge. Lessons are available to everyone, from beginners to advanced students, and from children to adults. The lesson material is included in the tuition fee.


General Spanish 

Level: Beginner to Advanced

General Spanish lessons are the foundation of your programme and will help you to improve in all areas of Spanish. You will learn new grammar and vocabulary as well as revising your existing knowledge. There is extensive practice of all skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - with a strong emphasis on speaking fluently and with clear pronunciation. This will enable you to communicate effectively and with confidence.

We will help you to become more accurate by correcting your spoken and written errors. You will have plenty of opportunity to practise and consolidate your Spanish during our lessons. We will often revise what you have learnt and there is a progress test every now and then to provide feedback and advice for your future studies.

You will follow our own tailored lessons, but we will also use lots of other materials, including suggestions from you, to ensure that the content of the class is useful and interesting. Lessons are student-centred and you are expected to progress quickly. We are there to guide and support you with your learning.


Intensive Spanish course (60 hours) 

Level: Beginner to Intermediate 

The Intensive Spanish course is suitable for students who will need Spanish in the workplace or who are planning a language immersion in a Spanish-speaking country.

You will learn everything from how to get a job to what to do in work situations e.g. using the telephone, emails, meetings, small talk etc. Feel at ease speaking Spanish with your colleagues, whatever job you do.

The Intensive Spanish course offers you the opportunity to have an accelerated start to the language before you leave home.


Spanish for Business

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Business Spanish will help you to build your Business Spanish and enhance your CV. You will practise vital skills, indoors or outdoors. We will build together lessons that suit your needs and we will ensure that you develop the skills necessary to further your career.

Language skills include telephoning, making presentations, negotiating, writing emails, web conferencing and business correspondence and will generally improve your confidence when communicating in business.

We offer business lessons from intermediate level and you must take the level test before booking. You may study a few General Spanish lessons until you have achieved the required level.


Advanced Spanish for Business

Level: Upper-intermediate to Advanced

These lessons are for upper-intermediate and advanced students who need to improve their language skills for business purposes. We will revise what you already know covering general areas of business Spanish.

Our one-to-one tailored business lessons will help you make rapid progress, leading to greater confidence in the international business arena.


Preparation for Spanish Exams

Level: Beginner to Advanced

For many years, we have successfully prepared students for a range of Spanish language exams. We will ensure that you are well prepared to take recognised Spanish language qualifications.

Typically, students who take these lessons are interested in: 

·         gaining admission to university

·         getting a better job

·         gaining a certificate to mark their improved level of Spanish.

Lessons are for those taking at DELE, GCSE, A-Level or degree level.


Conversational Spanish

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Spanish conversation lessons will help you to improve your Spanish by practising speaking, listening, pronunciation and vocabulary. You will become more fluent and confident when speaking Spanish.












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