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Spanish Lessons in London


Spanish Tutor in London

We are a small team of qualified tutors of Spanish as a foreign language, dedicated to providing one-to-one Spanish tuition all over London and worldwide through Skype.

They are lots of good things about being small, adaptability, for a start. Flexibility too, an important word, especially when you are dealing with people. We are all different after all.

There is no shortage of Spanish teachers and schools in London, but we are a bit different – no, really we are! If you want to learn Spanish you have come to a good place – it is all we do. We may be small but we work with some pretty big brands. There is a reason for that – we are good at what we do (not our words – the words of our students).


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Why learn Spanish with us?

At One-to-One Spanish, it is our belief that one-to-one lessons give you much faster results.

- Student-centred lessons

Our classes are entirely student-centred. Regardless of your level, we will work with you all the way to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, after assessing your level, we will, together with you, determine your priorities and customise our teaching according to your needs and wishes. We offer:

·         General Spanish

·         Spanish for kids

·         Intensive Spanish courses

·         Business Spanish for all types of businesses and companies

·         Preparation for Spanish exams (DELE, GCSE, A-Level or degree level)

·         Conversational Spanish

·         Skype Spanish lessons

- Flexibility

Our lessons are flexible and delivered at a time and place to suit you. We will happily meet you anywhere in central London; your office, a library or any coffee bar near your home or workplace. If you come from outside of London, we will meet you in the most convenient train station (Waterloo, King's Cross, Victoria, etc).

Should you feel like taking a 1 hr class today and a 1.5 hr class next week or even a 2 hr class, then select a block of lessons and decide on duration as you go.

We also offer online Spanish lessons via Skype, or a combination of face-to-face and Skype lessons for those who are:

·         Working away or home most of the time

·         Struggling to find enough time to attend a Spanish course

·         Unable to find a local tutor that they actually like

·         Simply too tired to attend Spanish lessons after work

Whatever the reason, Spanish lessons on Skype will enable you to keep track of your studies and use your valuable time more efficiently.

- Extra knowledge

Learning Spanish with an experienced tutor will help you to understand your own language. We learned English as adults; We know how the learning process works as teachers, but also from a student's point of view. As a result, we are able to understand your needs and help you more effectively.

We will teach you to speak the Spanish that can be used in any Spanish-speaking country. Of course, you will be exposed to your tutor's accent but we will always teach you the difference in vocabulary and idiomatic expressions between Spanish from Spain and Spanish from South America.

- Extra dedication

If you are keen to do additional practise after our lessons, we will go the extra mile to keep in touch with you and encourage you to participate in extra free activities through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

You will meet other students and we will send you different exercises, videos, songs, podcasts, games, idioms, verb drills as well as the latest news on Spanish events in London to keep you up to date with the language and culture. You will receive more details in our first lesson.

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